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5 year olds flirting


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he’s quite pretty, doesn’t he ?

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harry styles is the little mermaid; a masterpost


yesterday night around 1am I decided to watch the little mermaid and by 3am I came to the (un)shocking revelation that harry styles is in fact princess ariel.


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i can’t favorite my reason for existance


well it’s just sad

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imagine if your boyfriend asked someone to “define girlfriend”

Save My Heart - Chapter Ten

Harry’s marriage life was ruined when he kissed lost beautiful man in the toilet of his wedding hall minutes before he needed to say I do. Three years later he finds out that destiny might come when he needs it the most and it brings with it sunshine and model he needs to photograph. While what’s meant to be starts to become real - Harry needs to save Louis’ heart.

Beginning | all chapters

here it is guys after hard work and numb fingers - the last chapter :)
hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

Chapter 10 (and last !!!)

He’s starting to get into the conclusion he’s bloody idiot.

He didn’t think how it could’ve be that so suddenly Louis can meet him, like he doesn’t has pregnant wife and baby he can’t leave anymore. Didn’t think why Louis didn’t call him instead of texting, why he sounded so distant even over black letters on touch screen.

While staring blankly at Eleanor, sees how she’s all shiny, rich and happy as always, he scans all the events in the past hour; the ‘unlike Louis’ messages, the sudden meeting. It all comes crashing down on him at once.

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Anonymous sent:

Can you explain the jealousy jokes? I'm not new to the fandom, but I've never understood why people joke about Louis's jealousy. :)


Louis’ jealousy is not a laughing matter my friend, this

is not the face of a man who likes jokes. this is the face of a man who is contemplating how to destroy everything the first person harry kissed loves.

this is the face of a man who murdered a girl in the bathroom of a nightclub

this is liam risking his life bringing up louis’ least favorite ship

here’s a visual demonstrating louis’ general disgust for narry 

that sigh was felt by people on planets that haven’t even been discovered yet, it may have created the wind on their planet for all we know

if that doesn’t scream ‘don’t touch my stuff’ I don’t know what does

no really liam…

in which louis is the human version of the knife emoji

he also isn’t into zayn needing to speak to harry on stage

louis would make a great hall monitor 

and of course last but not least, louis ultimate favorite of all favorite things

and you’re thinking ‘hey maybe he’s over it!’

nope he’s still killing her softy 

so the moral of the story is, louis doesn’t like anything + harry 

Those times Louis needed to be reminded that they were in the middle of an interview.

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can we all agree that those





eventually turned into this (?!@#$$#%!)


no matter how much time i’ll stare at it 

i wont fully digest it happened


oh and that

imageumm and that


i forgot that also 


umm lets not forget that (when elounor stated dating HAHAHA)


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im gonna put Louis’ giggle for my incoming message ringtone no one can stop me 

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